Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

1) We get you in for a free consultation fast. 
Usually, you can have an appointment within two business days. Often the same day as your call. 
Attorney Dave Comments: “Most people contemplating or going through a divorce have very little experience with attorneys. Many have never had a consultation before. In my opinion the biggest single mistake is having only one consultation and hiring that attorney. It is best to have two or possibly three consultations so you can compare the quality of the attorney and the type of services offered. We welcome second opinion consultations. I must tell you that we will give you an honest assessment of your case. I do not just tell you what you want to hear!” 

2) Free first consultation. 
No charge or obligation. Good opportunity to check us out. Even if you don’t plan to hire an attorney, you will still learn a lot. You really have little to lose since the consultation is free. 
     Dave comments: “A surprising number of people, especially men, are afraid of attorneys. We do not bite. Even if you want to hire a paralegal you can still learn a lot from a consultation. Please see ”What To Look For In Checking Out A Divorce Attorney” under family law. Just click on the left side upper part of this page under family law and it is the first article. There is much self-help type information under family law to the left. We suggest you check it out after reading this information.” 

3) We do most QDRO type retirement orders.
Retirement plans can be a major asset. The division of the retirement plan requires a specialized order called a QDRO order. Many family law offices do not do these specialized orders. They will refer them out to other attorneys at extra cost. By using this office, you save time, money and the hassle of having to pay yet another attorney. We have some of them on the computer as model templates. We do not charge extra for these orders. In reference to QDRO orders our office motto is: “Our office does most QDRO type retirement plan orders as part of the divorce case, at no extra expense.” 
For a limited time only we will do a CalPERS or CalSTRS retirement order at the first consultation. Obviously, if you retain our office, you would not have to pay for this since we did it at the free first consultation (We do many other retirement plan orders. We are not limited to CalPERS or CalSTRS). 
     In calling a law office you MUST SPECIFICALLY ASK if that office does QDRO retirement orders. Otherwise at the end of your case you will find you have to pay another attorney to do the QDRO. At extra cost, of course. 
     We do child custody, visitation, child support, alimony, property division, modifications and other issues. We just stress QDRO orders here because we are one of the few offices that do these orders as a part of the divorce case. 
    Dave comments: “I enjoy helping clients with their cases. Custody, visitation, support, property division and more. Doing these QDRO orders is a special benefit I provide my clients. I am doing a service very few attorneys do. In the legal profession, as in life itself, doing extra help for others makes you a better person. Once again, I feel good about doing the extra service of QDRO orders.
   “Do you know of anyone going through a divorce or thinking of one who has a retirement plan? Does their spouse have a retirement plan? I would appreciate you telling them about my website. I think they would learn from it. Thanks!” 

4) We do not switch attorneys. 
At our office, the same attorney you have the first consultation with is the same one who will represent you in all further proceedings. This means that no extra time is expended for one attorney to get the other attorney up to speed on case facts. This saves you time and money. We actually put it in our retainer agreement that we do not switch attorneys. 
     There is no substitute for attorney preparation. The best preparation is being involved directly in the case from the first consultation. That’s the way this office does it, always has and always will. 

5) We do not charge minimum time for attorney discussion time or court time. 
We charge only for the actual time incurred. No more. Some attorneys charge a minimum of 5, 10 or 15 minutes for a phone call, letter or whatever. We do not do this. Once again we charge only for the actual time incurred. As an example: If we spend two minutes on a phone call we only bill for the two minutes and no more. If court lasts 32 minutes we only bill for 32 minutes. Last but not least, we do not charge for travel time when the distance is less than 40 miles one way. When we are on the freeway, stuck in traffic on the way to court or whatever, your time clock is not running unless the court is over 40 miles away. The clock starts ticking only after 40 miles. Not before.     
    Dave comments: “I have heard of situations where the law office actually charges for a file set up fee or a case ending fee. We do not do this. We do an excellent file set up ourselves. We do not charge for this. We also do not have a charge at the end of the case. How would you feel it you went to a restaurant and they charged for a ”silverware set up fee” in addition to the cost of the meal, or after the meal they charge you a “table clean up fee”? Also we do not charge for secretarial time. We have templates of many pleadings and QDRO orders. All this prior preparation and research is a benefit to you the client. We do not charge minimum time for our templates and past research.
   “I have also heard of law offices that charge minimum time for a court appearance. It is usually a minimum of one to two hours or a set amount. This office simply does not do this. Often there may be more than one case the attorney is handling. Just to go to the court and continue the case or another minor administrative matter, should not take that much time. The attorney may spend 2 minutes continuing the case or another minor function and charge for two hours of time. Then the attorney goes to another courtroom in the same building to handle another case.
   “The charge time of 5, 10 or 15 minutes also makes little sense. If the attorney can keep track of the time for 5, 10 or 15 minutes he or she can also keep track of the actual time involved. Some offices will round up the time in increments of 5, 10 or 15 minutes. It would be easier, with fewer steps involved, for the attorney just to keep the correct time rather than keeping the time in increments and then having to round up. It would also be less expensive for the client. You should SPECIFICALLY ASK the attorney about the billing and court appearance fees. Do not be embarrassed about doing this. You may feel ill at ease in the attorney’s office. After all you are on the attorney’s turf and not your home ground. You should be proactive in asking about your rights and the billing procedure. If the attorney says anything different than what the retainer agreement says, then have it added in writing to the retainer agreement. Just a suggestion.”  

6) We have only modest advertising, not expensive full page “bully boy” TV, radio or large ads.
This saves you money in that your fee does not go to pay for expensive ads and overhead for the attorney. Do you want to spend your money paying for an attorney’s expensive advertising program?

7) We rely on Word of Mouth for clients and not expensive advertising. 
We have to do a better job. If we did not do a great job of attorney service, our former clients would not refer others to our office. 
     If you had a choice between two attorneys. One attorney draws in clients with huge full-page ads. The other attorney has only a modest ad and the public comes from word of mouth from past satisfied clients and members of the community. Which attorney would you have more respect for? Which attorney would you have more trust and confidence in? Which attorney would you want to have represent you?     

8) We are conveniently located in Moreno Valley.
Even if you are from out of town, the freeway off ramp is only a short distance away. You can drop by pleadings or other documents much more easily since we are right in town and conveniently located about a quarter mile from the Frederick Street 60 freeway exit. 
   If you have read this far you have probably learned a lot about the law and what to look for in divorce attorneys. Why don’t you contact others and tell them about this site? Anyone going through a divorce or thinking about one would be interested. Thanks!      

9) We return phone calls in one business day. 
Often the calls are returned even sooner. Please keep in mind this is a business day. Weekends and holidays would be only in an emergency.  Almost always the calls are returned by the attorney handling the case.  This way there is no possibility of a mix up in a message to the “office attorney” or a paralegal. The call will be directly by the single attorney representing you in court AND at the office. 

10)  We have a simple one-page retainer agreement.
Not a long document with lots of legal mumbo jumbo. We stress services we provide. Not services we don’t provide. We also provide written fee estimates. Our retainer is simple and fair. We do not create a wall between us and our clients by making the agreement one sided with excessive protections to the law firm.    

11)  We give you extensive information on your case. 
Even if you don’t retain our office it is still worth the consultation time. You will leave with much printed information on family law and related topics. 
     We welcome second opinion consultations. If you had a consultation with another office and want to check us out then please call to come in for a free consultation. We also invite you to have a consultation with our office and then go to another office for a consultation. You can compare the quality of the consultation, the caliber of the attorney, information given and the terms of the retainer agreement. Dave comments: “We actually have a sheet for grading and comparing this office and other law offices. You may feel like a teacher grading students.” 

12)  We do proposed stipulated judgments in most cases.
This is to try to work out the issues without having to go to court. Obviously, if negotiation fails we go to court. However the stipulated judgments are directly on the computer in template form.    
     Dave comments: “If you wish we can start on a stipulated judgment right in the office at the first consultation. It helps to get the case moving, so we can be sure where we are going with the case. What I mean by this is that it is a help to put what you want in writing rather than just talking about it.”  — WHY DON’T YOU NOW CLICK ON THE FAMILY LAW PAGE. THERE ARE OVER 60 ARTICLES THAT MAY BE OF INTEREST TO YOU. BE SURE TO READ “WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN SIZING UP AND CHECKING OUT A DIVORCE ATTORNEY.” 


         Please Note: Some attorneys may not like the checklist items above because they feel intimidated by them. Many attorneys do not like “comparison shopping” by clients. Rather than discussing the points they feel uncomfortable with they may criticize the author. This is a “diversion strategy”. They seek to divert your attention from the issues on the checklist. Please realize this. Get the attorney to discuss the issues and answer your questions about the issues.