You or someone you know probably has family law questions or problems you want to get information on. The fact that you are reading this website shows that. If you need help, then I am here to help. I want to help you! I do care about you and your case. Please call now to Dave Blaisdell, Attorney, 608-477-1829. No charge for the first consultation. “The other side is Goliath. You are David. This office is your slingshot.

So often people come into the office who have signed a judgment. They later regret it and come into this or another law office to talk to a lawyer. Sometimes it is difficult to modify the judgment. This or that has to be done, and it all involves more time, hassle, and/or money. If they had taken the proposed judgment to an attorney before signing it they might have been far better off. 

So often, the reason stated is “I can’t afford an attorney.” or “I just wanted to get this over with on get on with my life.” or “It seemed OK to me so I signed.” So often, they just make things more complicated and hurt themselves. Whether you can afford an attorney or not is not the issue. Almost any family law attorney could simply look over the proposed judgment and make suggestions. Many family law attorneys do not charge for the consultation. For some reason, far more men are afraid to go to an attorney than women. Any experienced family attorney could give you advice and make suggestions right off the top of his or her head that would benefit you. The attorney will not twist your arm. 
     A suggestion for when you do have a consultation. Bring the paperwork having to do with the case with you. Pay stubs, past judgments or modification orders are just examples. You might look at the case file at the courthouse. Get a case print from the court or over the internet. 
     Your spouse, friends at work or relatives will often make suggestions on what to do. A few of the people you talk to will be very sure of themselves and definitely think they know what they are doing. They are brimming with self-confidence. With total sincerity and eye contact, they will claim they know what is best for you.  They are probably somewhat cocky in their attitude. You, in turn, are going thru a real crisis in our life. “Save money. Don’t go to one of those attorneys. They just want your money.” 
     What I suggest is to go to at least two attorneys for a free consultation. You will be amazed at the different styles of attorneys at a consultation.  You will also be amazed at what you will learn. Even if you don’t hire an attorney you will learn a lot. Make sure it is for a free consultation. How many of those friends of yours made a suggestion like that?